Last Will & Testament

Wills, at thier most basic, are legal documents that list your wishes and assure that they will be carried out after you pass. Wills are an important part of planning for he future and not just for "Old" or "Rich" individuals. The truth is anyone of legal age that have possessions that are important should have a Will

First off, forget about everything you've seen in the movies. There will not likely be an official Will reading at which all your loved ones will gather and fight over who gets what. Will's, if drafted by a professional, are very hard to contest. Also, the notion of listing individual items for distribution in your will is a Hollywood exaggeration. There is typically a provision in your Last Will and Testament that allows for you to prepare a separate list at your leisure to accompany your will if you wish. This list should be kept with your Will so that it is easily found when needed. For more insight regarding Wills and Probate, visit our Blog by John Slavin

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The partners of FHS have a combined 70yrs of experience drafting and amending Wills and other Estate Planning documents. Hundreds of clients from all walks of life have trusted them to handle their estate planning needs with none being contested after the fact.

What should I bring?

  • Any deeds detailing land to be included in your will, including legal land descriptions.
  • Full legal names of every person to be included in your will